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NHS England announce free sanitary products for patients days before International Women’s Day

With only a week to go before International Women’s Day, the NHS are offering patients free tampons and sanitary products.

While this statement strikes a decisive blow on period poverty, some say there is still much work to be done. Plan International UK says that 1 in 10 girls are unable to afford sanitary wear.

Attendants of the Walk for Women’s march in Manchester were quick to voice their opinions.

Kirsty Allen, a vicar in training, said: “I think the government could be doing a lot more.

“There’s still a tax on sanitary products which I think is just wrong.”

However, some projects strive to end period poverty around the UK.

The Red Box Project is one such project – a donation-fueled charity that provides free sanitary items in schools so that no child misses schooltime due to their period. Volunteers can set up a red box where people can donate sanitary items.

Charlotte Palmer, a dance tutor at the Bolton Dance Centre, has set up a donation red box in reception. She said: “It’s been overwhelming. We get people donating just one pack a week, or we have people coming in with bag loads.

“It’s been really beneficial to the charity.”

The Red Box Project in Bolton called the NHS England announcement a “great step in the right direction”, but highlighted that there is still much to be done in legislation and minimising the taboo around period poverty.

When the Friendship Has Sailed (Fringe 2018)

A Fishy Tale

One of the best things about Fringe is the number of people it brings to one place. Most shows I’ve seen alone (sometimes quite literally), but it’s easy to chat with people when you can use the colossal theatre festival you’re attending as an icebreaker. I struck up a conversation with someone before When the Friendship Has Sailed who I got a good number of show suggestions from (thanks Greda)! But sometimes, even the most social of us can feel lonely. Continue reading When the Friendship Has Sailed (Fringe 2018)