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NHS England announce free sanitary products for patients days before International Women’s Day

With only a week to go before International Women’s Day, the NHS are offering patients free tampons and sanitary products.

While this statement strikes a decisive blow on period poverty, some say there is still much work to be done. Plan International UK says that 1 in 10 girls are unable to afford sanitary wear.

Attendants of the Walk for Women’s march in Manchester were quick to voice their opinions.

Kirsty Allen, a vicar in training, said: “I think the government could be doing a lot more.

“There’s still a tax on sanitary products which I think is just wrong.”

However, some projects strive to end period poverty around the UK.

The Red Box Project is one such project – a donation-fueled charity that provides free sanitary items in schools so that no child misses schooltime due to their period. Volunteers can set up a red box where people can donate sanitary items.

Charlotte Palmer, a dance tutor at the Bolton Dance Centre, has set up a donation red box in reception. She said: “It’s been overwhelming. We get people donating just one pack a week, or we have people coming in with bag loads.

“It’s been really beneficial to the charity.”

The Red Box Project in Bolton called the NHS England announcement a “great step in the right direction”, but highlighted that there is still much to be done in legislation and minimising the taboo around period poverty.