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I’m going to be the 1st to Die

I hate colds. I hate seeing the pile of used tissues get bigger every three second, I hate feeling like I am being slowly shot in the forehead by a chunky rifle, but most of all, it’s the almost inevitable asthma I get afterwards.

Now, I’m fairly lucky with my asthma. I don’t usually think it hinders my life at all anymore. I can run, I can go to the gym (on occasions) and (this pun is made by request) the cold never bothered me anyway… part of me just died.

Unfortunately, during the winter months, where I get back to school and colds are spreading, I am faced with the options of being a social outcast or tearing up my trachea. While social outcasting is probably the better option, I vote for talking to people, and becoming the first to die (a.k.a. miss school first).

Oh yeah! The book. I read this book a while back on my Kobo, which now sits collecting dust in the corner of my room. I prefer the real deal. Little did I know, this book surprised me in more ways than one…

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Cowboys, Revenge & a Girl with True Grit

Last week, I was stumped.

In a frenzy of birthdays and worry for results, I hadn’t seen an interesting film, nor read a good book in a while.

I needed to occupy my mind with something. Something that I could review quickly. A book would be the better option. Something relatively short, which I could finish by the end of the week, so after checking my summer reading pile, I found one book that I had started to read over a year ago: True Grit.

I must say, I’m surprised by the progress I’ve made, and found myself finishing the book by Saturday. My sofa now has a Vinci-shaped print on it, but nevertheless, the book was finished.

So without further delay, let us talk about True Grit.

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