Prometheus: A Sci-Fi, Right?

A few important notices before I begin the Pick (I am enjoying this bold font). Firstly, this is a post I have had written on a piece of paper in the back of an unused drawer for a while, so I’m not sure when I wrote it. It was meant to go up last night, but sometimes my website likes to keep me on my toes for some inexplicable reason by not publishing the posts. In truth, it gives me time to do a bit of an edit of the post.

I will be doing a few Christmas specials when the time comes, so watch out for them! A couple of ideas are playing around in my mind, and I’ll see how they fare when I write them. I think that’s all there is to say so let’s go onto the Pick!

"The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End"One day, I had a friend over for the night. We met at my house, had lunch, then I sprung the decision on him that I had bought tickets to see Prometheus in our local theatre. I believe the conversation went along the lines of:

Me: “I have tickets for a film tonight called Prometheus. I know you like sci-fi.”
Friend: “Do you know what it’s about?”
Me: “Well… I know it’s a sci-fi, and I know it’s been advertised a lot. Let’s go watch it!”

In truth, we went into this film having absolutely no idea what it was about, that it was in the Alien franchise, and that they weren’t selling popcorn. And the last time I had tried to watch a sci-fi with my good friend, it had been Skyline. Never heard of it? Good. Keep it that way.

My other problem that usually would turn me off a movie is a horror genre. I am usually terrified wary of horror flicks, so I might have been lead astray from watching the film if I did find out its origins.

But how did our ignorance affect our film viewing? Did it help or hinder? improve or injury? develop or diminish? Please peruse my ponderous Pick of Prometheus.Prometheus could be called a prequel of the original Alien film. It centres a group of astronauts who are sent off to a planet found on multiple star maps in old cultures from around the world, going to find the Engineers, beings that were believed to have created life on Earth. The team land on the planet, exploring ancient structures and finding extraordinary, yet harrowing discoveries.

In regards to the genre of the film, I would say it is a sci-fi. It does have horror elements to it, but I would never call it a horror film. It was only at the end scene, you know what I mean if you have seen the film, when I realised the link between the Alien franchise. Because somehow the crazy face-hugging snake monsters didn’t tip me off.

As far as the plot goes, there are a few plot holes and unanswered questions. Granted, some of these are left for some substance for the sequel, but some are just ridiculous. For example, famously running away from a rolling object in the direction on where it’s about to roll. Think of it as Indiana Jones running from the boulder in a barren desert. I guess running to the side would be too much for her. Speaking of it being to much, she seems to be running remarkably well for a woman who has undergone a Caesarian, crudely closed up with some surgical staples. Nope, when the plot tells her to run, she runs. But not sideways.

I think the plot was a big downer for me, because with so many questions raised at the beginning, the film became a game of “spot the inconsistencies”. And when you are doing that for the whole film length (two hours) you’re going to get bored. Some clichés are also very apparent. The person who is scared of everything apart from the thing that will probably kill him, understanding alien languages, ominous skull mountain and of course a climactic stand-off that had no point being there. I could go on, but let’s go onto the good stuff!

The acting was fairly good. I would score top points for Michael Fassbender as David the android – cold, mechanical, ruthless, and he looked like Tom Hiddleston dyed his hair. Anyone who looks like Hiddleston receives extra brownie points. Protagonist Shaw, Noomi Rapace, had a pretty interesting character, which propelled her somewhat, but I felt like she somehow missed the mark on being totally horrified by what was happening to her. I mean, I believe she was upset at her boyfriend’s death, but obviously the Caesarian wasn’t enough (although I haven’t seen the film in two years so sue me if I’m wrong).

Visuals were amazing in the film (aside from ominous skull mountain). For a movie that is pretty much in the same place, there sure was a lot to look at. The ship Prometheus had some interesting quirks, but you’d want to be more of a sci-fi buff to appreciate most of the things. The monsters were believable at times, but it wouldn’t have hurt to use more physical props. It is shown in the movie they have some pretty cool props of alien-y stuff so why not use that? But please do not hire the guy that did Guy Pearce’s make-up. Hell, don’t hire Guy Pearce. Why not just get an elderly man to play an elderly man? It would have been better.

The best way to describe Prometheus is  “meh”. While some redeeming factors like acting and visuals helped, the film felt like it was trying to be an epic, but just couldn’t explain the plot holes. While it didn’t explain itself into a corner of incomprehension, Prometheus decided to plough past them, leaving them open like holes in a water bed. Prometheus unfortunately failed in a limp flop on a soggy bedroom floor.