Stoner by John Williams

Not That Kind of “Stoner”

Yet again, a sad week. Sad because I haven’t really done much reading/watching. But what are you gonna do? Coursework waits for no student.

So I decided an efficient method of finding something to review was needed. I stared at my bookcase for an hour. I mean, I’ve done a film and play review consecutively, I might as well keep things varied. It gives me a better footing for Sunday also. So here’s the book I chose! I’ll try not to weed out some drug puns along the- wait a second…SO LET’S GET THE POT DONE…

Sorry, couldn’t help it. William Stoner is born, William Stoner works on his parent’s farm, William Stoner goes to university, William Stoner changes his degree to an English Major, William Stoner works at the university, William Stoner starts a family, William Stoner gets ill, William Stoner dies, William Stoner is slowly forgotten. That sums it up. Now the book looks in between the lines.

At first glance, Stoner’s life is unremarkable, another piece of dust floating through an almost meaningless existing. And what I LOVE is that that is completely wrong. Williams (the writer – keep up) makes a seemingly ordinary man brim with life and colour. We all look at one another through a certain amount of layers. You only know so much about a person, so the only person you understand the most is yourself. Williams gives us another man to understand completely, and through that, you realise how complex a human life is.

This book has everything. All aspects of life are brought up. Purpose, death, sacrifice, love and relationships, missed opportunities and regrets, how a life leaves impacts behind after it is distinguished… I would say reading this book might give you a whole different outlook on life. It certainly puts things into perspective.

William’s writing style is very lyrical, but subtly, so it doesn’t feel butterflies and fairies are being repeatedly chucked at your face. However, is this an “easy” book to read? I’d say it’s moderate. The story is easy to follow, but one or two words slipped me up. This is really a paragraph to compare whether it’s the type of book you’d read. Happy to help, as always.

Final point: Stoner is a very relatable character. He follows a life that we sometimes feel we slip into: something dull and ordinary. This book shows doesn’t only show Stoner to be an extremely interesting character, it reflects on youYou could be in the same story. Your life is equally unique and special and wonderful. You have highs and lows, and that’s the way a life is.


I’ve heard this book called “the perfect novel”. I couldn’t agree more. There’s no way to compare it to anything I’ve read. Then again, my “read” list is pretty much this and nothing worth mentioning here. For something new, find this book and read it. You won’t be disappointed, you might not even be pleased. You just feel… different.