The Walking Dead: First Impressions

Savagely Dramatic or Frighteningly Clichéd?

So I jokingly mentioned on Sunday doing the first two episodes of The Walking Dead as a review… Not so jokingly now.

I have a practical exam coming up on Tuesday, so all my time is devoted to that. With that said, I have to finish this post quickly as to get back to that. While shorter, I will try and keep up my “oh-so-high standard of reviewing” (said no-one ever).

Enjoy! (This paragraph is here only to make the image look nice with the text. I’m cheap like that.)


Rick Grimes is a Sheriff’s deputy, quietened by a rocky phase in his marriage. While apprehending criminals, he is shot and wounded. He later wakes up in hospital, missing the alarm-clock that the zombie apocalypse has fully taken hold of the USA. Seemingly confused and disorientated, he learns of what has happened during his ill-timed nap, and strives to find his family, wherever they may be.

I am confused on Rick Grimes as a character. On the one hand, he is thrown into this hellish world, and plays the role of the confused and distressed soul. On the other, he manages to have moments of clear thinking and leadership skills that take hold fairly quickly. After the initial shock into this new world, he adapts fairly quickly. I like that they didn’t overplay the denial factor (i.e. the character refusing for the seventeenth time that that man was only trying to give him a friendly hug), but maybe Grimes lapses into acceptance a little too soon? I don’t know.

It’s hard to review with only a few episodes. I’m still in the stage where they are setting up characters, potential plot-lines, and the zombies (in the way they move, smell, eat, group etc.). One thing that kept buzzing around my head was the plot of 28 Days Later. Guy-wakes-from-coma-into-zombie-apocalypse seems too similar. However, I know that the show was based off the comics, and I’m sure someone else has gone into more detail about it. I’ll let that slide.

So far, I haven’t had any evidence that the zombies are different at all. They bite to infect, they consume flesh, there are more at night, they are attracted to sound, they are dead… it all seems samey. Again, however, I know about the comics (and also the games) and I can see that this might be a more character-based series. But the zombies kind of matter too.


It may seem like I’m slating the first few episodes quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, there are great moments, layered characters, and emotional scenes. However, I need to see more to become impressed. I have no doubt it will come in time, I’m just hoping soon as I get into the series.

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