RANDOM: Up, Ghostbusters & Maleficent

Floating Houses, Crossing the Streams and Evil Fairies

Having no idea what to review each week is getting to be a norm to me. My time is becoming scarce, and that can only get worse with exams coming ever-closer (I try to think of it optimistically that summer is coming soon). With the St Patrick’s Day celebrations and coursework deadlines filling up the start of this week, I haven’t really had time to sit down and put my feet up. Therefore, I have nothing to blog.

However, I found a game I could play.

I went to a random movie generator here to generate three movies I should review. The first three I had watched, I have taken and have tried to review in three quick-fire rounds. This is going to be fun!


I remember watching this a while ago in Cardiff. The cinema was filled with teary eyes in seconds after the bittersweet opening of Carl’s life, giving the film an instant heart and soul with such an emotional starting point. The humour is light-hearted and the film makes you care for the characters, who all fall into an “outcast” role. Carl is being forced into a retirement home, Russell is suggested to be caught in the middle of a rocky relationship, Dug is the misfit in the talking dog pack and Kevin, the colourful “Beast” being hunted down by the equally ostracised explorer Muntz.

The ideas are original, the story is a tearjerker, and it is definitely a Disney great!


Now this is one I haven’t seen in a while. And I mean a while. I probably know more about the animated series than the film, but let’s give this a whirl.

From what I recall, I remember being scared by the first ghost in the library more than anything. However, I do remember the crazy possessions, zany ghost-chases and, of course, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The witty humour from Bill Murray and crazy special effects, the film is an absolute classic.

But really, I can’t remember anything about this film, so let’s just look at our final entry…


Now here’s one that I wish I couldn’t remember. Give me Sleeping Beauty any day of the week, but this just annoyed. For example, there was some really shoddy camera-work in this film. I’ve said before that I really don’t look for these kind of things, but it’s when I notice things like using the same clip twice or randomly zooming in like your grandma just found the zoom on your household camera that it becomes a problem… this film had both of these things in the first ten minutes.

Another thing that drove me crazy was that the characters were as basic as taking an instagram of a Starbucks coffee. The main antagonist, Stefan, suddenly becomes the antagonist with no proof why. Yeah, sure, you can play the “it-was-because-he-craved-power” card, but where in his back-story is that really proven? And he obviously was in love with Maleficent, so why was that overpowered by greed? Because in one part of his back-story they say he liked power while polishing a candlestick or something (granted, my memory of this film is hazy, so the candlestick thing might not be quite true).

And Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was just a badly-written character. The fairies give her gifts of happiness and rainbows and smiles or something, which just makes her a Mary Sue character. Enough said (I can’t even fathom a conclusion here).

So I hope you enjoyed this Pick. I’m pretty sure I’ll do this again. Really not sure how to finish it so… I guess see you next time? Here’s a picture of a cat: