Walking on Sunshine

Sorry that this Pick is late. I have been in London since Sunday and surprisingly found that I couldn't find much time to find internet. Anyway, I have a review for today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Enjoy!

Walking on a Coal Pit

And finally, Easter is here! The three-week holiday that occurs just before I get hit with the dreaded time of the year: exam time.

I’m never sure how to think about Easter. On the one hand, I probably will spend most of it furiously highlighting, note-taking, and referencing my revision booklets, but on the other, it gives me a bit more time on my hands, and signifies that the long-haul struggle of school is almost over.

But with the extra time, I have more chance to catch-up on some films, particularly the 2014 films I bought to do a Top Ten list at the end of the year. As you can see, that never took off the ground.

But looking at how long this introduction is, let’s quickly move onto the review: Walking on Sunshine, which is probably the worst film I’ve seen this year.


Three years ago, English girl Taylor, hilariously called “T-Bag” *guffaw*, has a holiday romance with a man called Raf, leaving him in Italy to do her degree. Present day, she returns to Italy to meet her sister, Maddie, who surprises her with the news that she is engaged to Raf. Taylor wanting to keep Raf and her old relationship a secret, the plot spirals into Mamma Mia! done wrong. That’s the only way I can describe it.

The thing is, I watched two musicals yesterday: Walking on Sunshine and equally radiantly titled Sunshine on Leith, about two Scottish soldiers returning to Edinburgh. The comparison can be described by how far Scotland and Italy are: Sunshine on Leith is miles and miles higher than Walking on Sunshine.

To start, there’s the characters. There’s couple Elena (X-factor winner Leona Lewis) and Enrico (Giulio Corso?) who really have no impact on the film. Then there’s “comedy relief” roles Lil (Katy Brand) and Mikey (Danny Kirrane), and while I did laugh, it wasn’t because of these two. And finally there’s Doug (Greg Wise) who’s cringe jokes, poor singing, and generally awkward atmosphere was neither funny nor charming. People like this is why I wish “cringe-y” was a word.

While the choice of songs were good (who doesn’t love some Faith from George Michael?) each character had an off-note, or were just auto-tuned to death. And the dancing was like watching my primary school’s disco. If I can do those moves, you seriously need to up your game. And some people weren’t even following the group sequences! There is legitimately one guy who doesn’t even try to follow what everyone else is doing!

Could I say something good about this movie? Uhh, Italy was nice to look at? Also, it was fun for the whole family… we laughed at how bad it was to begin with, but then it just got tiring.


This is a film you will pick out the bargain bin a few years from now, which would sit on your DVD rack, smugly staring at you as you try to watch your Boardwalk Empire omnibus, silently laughing that it tricked you into buying the blasted thing. While I’m sure some may enjoy it (somehow), the awkward dancing and uncomfortable humour didn’t do it for me.