[title of show] (Fringe 2017)

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It’s always odd watching a show when everyone around you seems “in-the-know” of what you’re about to experience. I had a similar experience with The Dark Room, as excitable teens cried out in glee as contestants died over and over again. For [title of show], it was a case of people commenting that they’d probably laugh before a joke’s punchline. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but it was reassuring to know that I’d probably enjoy myself for the next ninety minutes. Right? 

Well, on the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The comedic timing hit the right notes (literally), and the production appeared lively despite the lack of space within their venue. I noticed that the singing was a little off in places, but didn’t majorly detract my attention from the performance. However, Amy and Katie, the two leads, outshined their stations: their energy was superb, and they provided excellent characterisations of Susan (Amy) and Heidi (Katie).

Overall, I would definitely recommend this solid production, which despite some minor hindrances, did not fail to have me chuckling along to some really meta melodies.

(4 / 5)