Wombmates (Fringe 2017)

Fast-paced and Wholly Original

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Full Pelt Theatre ©

It’s hard to review a production when the audience isn’t into what they’re watching. Being part of numerous productions, I know that you’ll always have those “off” nights where the jokes don’t quite seem to land, or the spectacles don’t seem to shock and awe. Watching Wombmates, fellow spectators felt sedated as the production progressed (Fringe can be taxing on all of us!), but that didn’t hinder the brilliance of this production from shining through.

If I were only to commend Wombmates on one aspect, I would have to praise their highly-energised physicality, which proved to be as entertaining as it was pleasantly original. The two leads’ playful chemistry complimented the creative use of props, leading to some high-hilarity situations and punchlines (the use of the elasticised string as an umbilical cord connecting the two twins was a stroke of genius).

To voice one gripe, I would consider looking at the inclusion of some of the more ‘lewd’ humour. It’s jarring when the tongue-in-cheek atmosphere jerks wrenchingly into more mature gags that threaten the undermine the previously impish wisecracks. However, Wombmates succeeds in creating a light, jovial mood with a setting that could all-too-easily be made crass and crude. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced physicality and had a lot of fun watching.

(4 / 5)