The Committee: Improvised Comedy (Fringe 2017)

Improv needs Improving

I have watched a lot of improvised comedy at Fringe. From university groups like Cambridge Impronauts: Improv Actually to the improv troops of Men With Coconuts, all have managed to tickle me. The same can be said for The Committee, the first improv group I went to see. However, for some reason, The Committee began to make improv feel flat.

The Committee kicked off to a great start: taking the prompt of music, they created a school’s orchestra that nicely linked with the rest of the sketches. I was immersed in a crazy world of talking fish, dispassionate fathers, and vending-machine-butter-maniac-writers. However, things began to deteriorate.

Firstly, there was sadly individuals who weren’t quite up to par with the others. Whether it was not being involved enough, or not putting in valuable quips to propel the plot or comedy forwards, there needed to be a reason for those particular people to be there. It also came apparent that the sketches were going in circles. It’s nice to revisit some earlier characters, but when the joke is told, there’s no need to flog a dead horse.

This leads onto the last nail in the coffin: creativity. There was nothing that made The Committee stand out with their prompts or sketches. I was a little sceptical with their links to other skits, which went along the lines of “the coffee mug glints a light out of the window and onto the [next prompt],” which gave them absolute power over the situation: there was no risk, and therefore no reward.

While The Committee‘s original characters could sometimes draw a laugh, by the time we get there, it’s the end of the show. The Committee did not quite do it for me.

(2 / 5)