Russell Hicks: Love Song for the Viciously Ambitious (Fringe 2018)

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Arriving at noon and dropping off my bags, I stood on the Fringe mile realising that I had absolutely no plans for what to go see at the Fringe. So what’s better than taking a trip to the¬†Three Sisters for some free comedy? I haven’t had the best experiences with free comedy, especially improv, and despite his somewhat unsavoury comments about¬†critics, I’ve pulled through the tears to here.

Hicks’ style improvises comedy through crowd-work and whatever pops into his head. Of course, these leads to a few walk-outs, but Hicks takes them in his stride, confidently carrying onto the next thought that crosses his mind. There were a few hesitant pauses that punctured the show, but Hicks managed to keep the show moving at a steady pace.

This show is an acquired taste and asks for you to join Hicks as he nonchalantly talks his way to the jokes and punchlines. A bold strategy, that surprisingly pays off. This is the perfect show if you need a break from traipsing between venues.

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(4 / 5)