Me Talking, Mostly (Fringe 2018)

One-Man Show v. One-Man Audience

Missing out on a show in Bedlam Theatre, I picked the next available show to wait for some friends. Turning up to a show blind can lead to a few surprises, especially when one of those surprises is realising you’re the only person in the audience… a show with audience participation. Oh boy, here we go.

Mick begins Me Talking, Mostly worrying about how his audience will receive him, going through renditions of movie tropes from Bond-like roles to romantic bashfulness. Mick has a very charming personality which instantly drew me in. The small audience turnout did not faze him at all, and he never stopped trying to coax my inputs out into the limelight. In truth, I had a great time and felt extremely valued.

I only realised Me Talking, Mostly was a skit show until half-way through. Mick cycled through monologues, songs, poems, and magic tricks, which while entertaining, didn’t have much of a structure to stitch it all together. While it was an absurdist piece, the total randomness of each sketch comes off as “covering all bases” rather than leading up to some sort of final message or punchline. Some skits tickled me (for example, a recording of Mick’s thought process while watching his friend’s improv show), but there were a few that fell a little flat.

Nevertheless, this is probably the most memorable performance of my Fringe stay. I regret not talking to Mick after the show and regret not congratulating him on such a dedicated performance. Me Talking, Mostly is a show where there must be an effort on the audience’s part to take the sketches as they are. Like Limmy’s sketch on a dog in the back seat of a car, the dog does not think about how it’s travelling at top speeds down a road, it just sticks its head out the window and enjoys the ride. Don’t think about it, come in relaxed, and you’re going to have a good time.

Also, bringing some friends would be a win-win situation.

(3 / 5)

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