A Bad Start but a Promising Future

After finishing the summer off with a Pembrokeshire trip, and fond memories shared with friends and family, I am now back to my final year in college. I’m beginning to think about how far I’ve come and how close I am to stepping up to university. This is my year. I’m going to work hard to retain my grades, and push myself a little more for the universities I want. This will be a good year. I’ll continue with my blog, focus on studies, spend quality time with family and friends, hold a-

Wait, is my nose starting to run?

Unfortunately, no sooner am I back to work, I’m starting to fight the battle of asthma, and I’m losing significantly. The third day back, I’m off sick with Strepsils in one hand, and medication in the other that has the odd side-effect of spontaneous nose-bleeds, which doesn’t help making a first good impression on people. Ok, my year hasn’t started very well.

While I am back in school, trying to not annoy other students with my explosive coughing fits, I realise that I’m losing shifts at work and time for my blog. My last few posts have been rushed and more dedication is need to bring out solid, quality Picks.

I have mentioned that I want to increase the number of posts I release per week, but I’m not trekking down that road just yet. I could start now, but I have to prove to myself that I can cope with school work and the blog simultaneously. I have to stop my habit of sending out posts at midnight and start sending them out at a reasonable time, not on Monday morning. When I say morning, I mean at 1 o’clock in the morning.

I found that sleep helps me function quite well. While I wish I could be the person who can work with just six or seven hours sleep, I find myself to procrastinate and lose concentration if I’m tired. That is something I have to take into account this year.

I promise you guys now that I will increase the number of posts, but not until I’m ready and settled to do so. I don’t want to start now and release posts that lack thought and detail, so wait on a little longer for me to post more content.

That’s enough of that. In other news, I’ve been to the new cinema in Hereford quite a few times to see the summer blockbusters. From the good (The Hundred Foot Journey, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) to the bad (Lucy) I’ve been fairly entertained by this year’s summer films. I’m happy that I’ve started to read again, including books like Stoner, World War Z and A Song of Fire and Ice book series.

I’m slowly saying farewell to the friends who are drifting away to university, while I try to get through my last year smoothly. I’m getting a peculiar feeling of age, as I find my time at my school drawing to its inevitable close. While old friends are leaving and I start to prepare for my departure. Not only am I nostalgic of that time I almost set the Biology labs on fire by accident and when we liberated our maths teacher’s gnome, presenting him with a photo album of our holidays with it, I am also excited about what will happen in the next year.

Wow, I’m making it sound like I’m about to die… I’ll change the topic quickly.

That’s all I actually have to say for now. This week I’ll release my most ambitious post so far (it sounds mightier than it is) which is the Film vs. Book Review: The Color Purple. I hope you enjoy. I’ll finish off with a little quote I was reminded of this week. I’m not sure why, but you never know, someone might relate to it in some way. I can make it a regular thing for updates if liked.

Until Sunday!


“He knows not where he’s going,

for the ocean will decide.

It is not for the destination

but for the glory of the ride.” – Zen Dog