About Vinci’s Pick

From good morning to good evening, wherever you are, I bid you all a pleasant welcome!

I am Will, the blogger of this practically deserted website. I have been running this blog for a year now, and in that time, I have gained many accolades, from one of my ‘Picks’ being posted on the UoM Community blog, to my mother saying ‘well-done’ one time.

I am nineteen-years-old guy at the University of Manchester, taking breaks in the great outdoors of my home-city Hereford. I’m a cinephile, bibliophile, dramaphile, gamephile… I think you get the picture. Our entertainment has become so broad in recent years, and with each new window, we see a variety of settings, characters, and stories. And I love to talk about the way these different forms of entertainment affect us as an audience.

I don’t usually generalise, but I consider the one rule about people to be true is that everyone likes to talk. Whatever the subject, in the right circumstances, everyone wants that spot in the lime-light to let their thoughts stream into words. Be it a conversation, speech or even in front of their own mirror.

When I started this blog, I tended to be a listener during most conversations. I love to hear someone talking about their passions and ideas, but here is the place where I can put down my own opinion, and has helped me to be more confident in presenting my ideas outside the blog.

This is also somewhere where I’ve been improving my writing ability. Practise makes perfect and while I don’t want to be the next Roger Ebert, I want to write at a level that is equally consistent as it is intriguing.

I should be posting around two posts (or ‘Picks’) a week, as well as a couple of special reviews along the way. On the internet, the Cloud’s the limit!

So stay up to date to hear my thoughts on the latest that the entertainments have to offer and I’ll reward you with some tongue-in-cheek posts that I hope will take someone’s interest. Of the 7,378,606,096 people in this world (data from 04/11/15 at 15:26:30, if anyone’s interested) I should be able to appeal to at least one of you.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy writing for it.