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How Not to Write a First Post

Hello! I’m Vinci, and I would like to welcome you to my blog.

I want to explain to you who I am and what this blog is in a fun, tongue-in-cheek first post. But that’s why I’ve added an “About” page. Maybe read that instead.

All done? Excellent!

I don’t like to plan. A pompous excuse would be something like: “I want my posts to feel natural and spontaneous, straight from my soul and heart. My spirit animal is a whale to signify the way I carelessly drift under the weight of a massive ego.”

The truth is that planning makes my mind whiz off in a tangent of extravagant ideas and frivolous expectations. After spending hours merticulously crafting my masterpiece-of-a-first-post, I snap back to reality realising I’ve barely written an introduction.

But now that you have read the ‘Abouts’ page (if not: rude) the question remains: what should you say in your first post?

That I’m a sixth-former who wants to write reviews in the future, so I made a website so that prospective employers and university people can look back and say “Hey, this guy did something to contribute to his future career goals and wrote all these subpar reviews, but they kind of got better so maybe let’s take him on and see how he goes.”

But you can just read the “About” page instead.

Frankly, there is nothing else to be introduced here. Despite what the “About” page says, I am officially eighteen years of age, making myself totally accountable for my irresponsible actions.

I am now in a position to start sticking to a post-per-week-and-a-bit-on-the-side schedule (every Sunday), which is fantastic for you! As a bonus, I will be adding a post tomorrow to kick things off. Huzzah!

I am trying to stockpile posts for weeks I know I’ll be busy during this summer too.

These personal posts will be less frequent (thank me later) in the weeks to come. All posts on Sundays will be ‘Picks’, and posts like these will happen when needed.

That’s all! I wish you all the best in whatever you are doing with your lives and wish you good luck in stomaching the Picks to come.

As a hyperactive tiger once said: TTFN!